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My mom had a cake from here delivered to my office for my birthday (she is such a dork !).  All I can say is Wow ! It was delicious ! This is a cake delivery company and the triple chocolate cake they delivered was so rich a flavorful. My mom lives out of state so she wanted to find a place like this. I had never heard of it, but would recommend it to others.  
It is a little pricey, but yummy!

Lindsay in Atlanta

Delivery Charge $25

Thank you so much for the fantastic Triple Chocolate Birthday cake with a chocolate birthday greeting bar on it for my son-in-law,Nick in Atlanta,GA. He called me to let me know he thought that his birthday cake was the best he had ever tasted and was awesome! It was a very decorated spcial large cake he said. He is a world traveler and loves chocolate very much..so if he said It was great ! It was. He said he would now be calling Atlanta Cake for special occasions too! It really make my day for him to be so happy about his birthday cake from me. Thank you......

From Ms. Ava in Oklahoma.

10" Chocolate Birthday Cakes $55
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Triple Chocolate

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